User’s Service Agreement

Special tips:

Please read carefully and fully understand the terms and conditions of this agreement before using services provided by 3Vjia, especially those marked in bold, including but not limited to exemption clause or limitation clause. If you don't agree to this agreement, and/or the modification at any moment, you may initiative stop using the services provided by 3Vjia. Once you use the services provided by 3Vjia, you will be deemed to have understood and fully agreed to all contents of this agreement including any modification 3Vjia may make to this agreement from time to time, and become our user.

I. Scope of service and agreement

A. 3Vjia (Guangdong 3Vjia information technology Co., Ltd.) is the platform owner, service provider and operator of aihouse. "Aihouse platform" refers to client of website (, mobile phone, computer and other devices; "User" refers to a natural person, legal person or other organization (hereinafter uniformly referred to as "you") with full capacity for civil conduct and full capacity for civil liability who understands and accepts all terms of this agreement, completes the registration process on aihouse platform or uses the 3Vjia service.

B. When you use 3Vjia for a particular service, the service may have a separate agreement, relevant business rules, and so on. The above content will be published and displayed in the form of website announcement, notice, electronic document, website letter, help center document and other forms. Once officially released, it will be regarded as an integral part of this agreement and you shall also abide by it. Your acceptance of any of the foregoing separate agreements and business rules shall be deemed to be your entire acceptance of this agreement.

C. After you sign this agreement, the content of agreement may be amended due to the changes in national policies, products and performing environment. Amended agreement will be issued in this website. If you have any objection to the amended agreement, please immediately stop logging in or stop using 3Vjia service; login or continue to use 3Vjia service will be deemed to accept amended agreement.

II. User registration and real-name authentication

A. In order to use aihouse platform service, you shall register an aihouse account by using your email address according to 3Vjia requirement. You can login aihouse platform through aihouse user account or the third-party website account (Facebook, Google, etc.); you can also login as anonymous user to enjoy using some of functions or services such as browsing and information access. In any case, you should abide by the terms and conditions of platform agreement and business rules.

B. You shall comply with relevant laws and regulations for real-name authentication. For some of 3Vjia services opening, you may required to provide further identity information, business qualifications and information to complete identity authentication or qualification verification. You may order and use services only after completing the corresponding identity authentication and qualification verification. You understand and agree that 3Vjia has the right to review whether the information provided by you in real-name authentication is true, accurate and valid by itself or entrust with a third party.

III. Account security and account cancellation

A. After registration is successful, 3Vjia will give each user an account and the password set by user. You are responsible for keeping this user account and password, and you shall be legally responsible for all activities and events carried out by this user account.

B. You should keeping account information properly, including account number, password, verification code and other information. The user account is limited to registered user only, do not allowed to be transferred, traded, given, rented or borrowed. If the user is not initial registrant of the account, 3Vjia has the right to recover account without notice, and does not need to assume legal liability to the user of this account. The consequent losses including but not limited to interruption of user communication, user data, content, service, virtual currency and other emptying losses, shall be borne by the user itself.

C. You understand and agree that, 3Vjia does not assume any responsibility and obligation to the flowing situation: (1) If you have not login on aihouse platform website for 12 consecutive months and your account is not in arrears, no 3Vjia related service have been opened or the service has not been renewed, also there's no balance in your account. (2) You are in violation of laws and regulations, provisions of this agreement or provisions on administration of 3Vjia. Or (3) as required by relevant laws and regulations, 3Vjia has the right to cancel your account and terminate the service, and you will not be able to login aihouse platform website or use the service.

D. You also have the right to terminate user account. When you decide not to use the user account, first you should confirm that there is no unexpired task under your user account. At the same time, you should apply to 3Vjia for cancellation of the user account after you have paid all the accounts payable (including but not limited to the principal, interest, liquidated damages, service fees, etc.) , and the user account will be formally cancelled after approval by 3Vjia.

IV. Service fee and other fees

A. Some service provided by 3Vjia will be charged a certain service fee, please refer to service market and the service agreement signed by both parties for details. 3Vjia may modify and change the charge standards and methods of charging services according to actual needs. Before the aforementioned modification, change or start charging, 3Vjia will be separately agreed in the service market or in the form of agreement.

B. The fees incurred by both parties for performance of this agreement, including but not limited to bank service fee or other fees related to payment, shall be borne by both parties respectively. Please refer to relevant pages, tips and charging standards of third-party websites for specific charge standards.

C. If you violate the fee and payment agreement agreed by the aihouse platform or agreed upon in writing by both parties, you shall assume the corresponding responsibilities and obligations in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations on the aihouse platform or agreement between the two parties. If you delay fulfilling your payment obligations, you should pay 0.5% of the unpaid amount due and payable to 3Vjia as liquidated damages for every one day overdue. 3Vjia shall have the right not to provide relevant cloud services and shall not bear any liability until you fully perform the corresponding payment obligation.

V. Obligations and guarantees of compliance with the law

A. When using 3Vjia service, you must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, such as the Network Security Law and the Regulations on the Administration of Internet News Information Services. You should agree that you will not use the services for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following acts:

1. Upload, display, disseminate or otherwise transmit information containing one of the following:

(1) Opposing the basic principles set forth in the constitution;

(2) Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity;

(3) Damaging the honor and interests of the state;

(4) Inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermining national unity;

(5) Damaging the state's religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;

(6) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destabilizing society;

(7) Disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crime;

(8) Insulting or slandering others and infringing upon others legitimate rights;

(9) Containing false, harmful, threatening, infringing on the privacy of others, harassment, infringement, slander, vulgarity, indecency, or other morally objectionable content;

(10) Containing other contents restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules and ordinances, and any norms with legal effect.

2. Do not use the network service systems for any illegal purpose;

3. Do not use the network service systems for any illegal purpose;

(1) Access to computer information network or use of computer information network resources without permission;

(2) Delete, modify or add functions of computer information network without permission;

(3) To delete, modify or add data and applications stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information network without permission;

(4) Intentionally creating or disseminating destructive programs such as computer viruses;

(5) Other behaviors that endanger security of computer information network.

B. Including reasonable attorney's fee, any claim, demand or loss claimed by any third party, resulting from or arising from your violation of this Agreement or related terms of service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless 3Vjia from damage. In this regard, according to the nature of user behavior, 3Vjia has the right to take measures including but not limited to deleting the user's published information, suspending the usage license, terminating service, restricting the use, recovering user account, investigating legal liabilities and so on. For the users who maliciously register user account or use user account for illegal activities, disturbances, harassment, deception, other users and other violations of this agreement, 3Vjia has the right to recover the user account.

C. You shall be legally responsible for your behavior in using 3Vjia service. The forms of legal liability borne by users include but not limited to: compensation for the infringed; and after 3Vjia undertakes the administrative penalty or tort damage compensation liability caused the user's behavior, the user should give 3Vjia equal amount compensation.

VI. Service provision, suspension and termination

A. serviceAgreement.question6.point1

(1) Incidents caused by hackers, viruses, technical adjustment of telecommunication departments and interruption of backbone lines;

(2) The 3Vjia needs to interrupt service during network adjustment and maintenance, or you temporarily cannot use 3Vjia service due to the blocking of internet access;

(3) Routine maintenance provided by 3Vjia, including but not limited to fault handling, system upgrade, system tuning, system capacity expansion, etc., which results in the unavailability of 3Vjia service and the unavailability of your content;

(4) User's improper operation or failure of user's computer software, system, hardware and communication line;

(5) 3Vjia cannot continue to provide services for you due to the adjustment of national or operator policies.

(6) Other not 3Vjia's fault, the situation that 3Vjia cannot control or reasonably foresee.However, 3Vjia will inform you in advance as far as possible, so that you can do a good job of relevant data migration and backup, business adjustment, etc., in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests. If the change, interruption or termination of network service belongs to the free network service, the 3Vjia service does not need to inform users, also does not need to bear any responsibility to any user or any third party.

B. If this agreement or this service terminates for any reason (including but not limited to force majeure, user arrears, user irregularities, etc.), for all data in your 3Vjia account or any information stored in 3Vjia server due to the use of 3Vjia service, 3Vjia will keep it for you for 60 days. You should complete all data migration and backup in time. After the expiration of reservation period, 3Vjia will terminate the service, and all your date will be automatically deleted by service system.

C. You understand and agree that the suspension, interruption or termination of user services and/or user accounts does not represent the termination of user liability. The user shall still be liable for possible breach of contract or damages caused by his/her behavior during his/her use of the 3Vjia service, and 3Vjia can still retain the relevant information of user.

VII. Liability exemption

A. 3Vjia reserves the right to change, upgrade, modify and migrate the aihouse platform, its related functions and application software by itself. 3Vjia further reserves the right to develop new modules, functions, software and service in aihouse platform. Provision of all new modules, functions, software and services mentioned above shall remain apply to this agreement unless otherwise specified by 3Vjia.

B. You agree that without gross negligence or malice, 3Vjia shall not be liable for any delay, inaccuracy, error, breakpoint, omission and consequent damages in data transmission when you or any third party using aihouse platform service.

C. In any case, the third party shall be responsible for providing the relevant services during your use of aihouse platform services, and 3Vjia is not responsible for such responsibilities.

D. 3Vjia does not provide any warranty or conditions for any user and/or any transaction, whether express or implied. 3Vjia cannot and will not attempt to control the information released by users. 3Vjia does not undertake any form of certification and identification services for such information. 3Vjia cannot fully guarantee the authenticity, adequacy, reliability, accuracy, integrity and validity of the platform content, and does not need to bear any legal responsibility arising therefrom. Before making trading decisions, users should fully understand the relevant transactions and make prudent decisions according to their trading objectives, risk tolerance and asset status, also take all risks by themselves.

E. Except as otherwise mandatory provisions in law, all compensation liability of 3Vjia to you under this agreement and related agreements shall be limited to the direct actual loss proved by clear evidence. All compensation for losses and liquidated damages based on this agreement and related agreements should not exceed accumulated total of 3Vjia products or services that caused your losses and have been paid, and 3Vjia can provide equivalent services as compensation. If service period exceeds 12 months, maximum amount shall not exceed the amount of 3Vjia service that caused your loss and part of service fee has been paid to 3Vjia in that year, 3Vjia can provide equivalent services as compensation. The company shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special or consequential loss (including loss of business, loss of earnings, loss of profits, loss of date used or loss of other economic interests) related to or caused by this Agreement.

VIII. Privacy policy

3Vjia will take reasonable and appropriate security measures to help you protect your personal information and related content from accidental or illegal loss, access or disclosure. For this reason, 3Vjia have specially formulated the Privacy Policy as an integral part of this agreement, which has the same legal effect as this agreement. Please read and understand the relevant provisions of Privacy Policy carefully. Where there are differences between the provisions of this agreement and Privacy Policy, or there is no explicit agreement, the content of Privacy Policy shall prevail.

IX. Intellectual property rights

A. All content on aihouse platform, including but not limited to works, pictures, information, materials, platform pictures arrangement and web page design, are owned by 3Vjia or other rights holders according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, trade secrets, etc. Without the written authorization of 3Vjia or other rights holder, no one may use, modify, duplicate, reprint, change, distribute, issue or publish the content of aihouse platform.

B. Without the explicit written consent of 3Vjia, the 3Vjia website or any part thereof shall not be reproduced, copied, counterfeited, sold, resold, visited or otherwise utilized for any commercial purpose.

C. All rights of any software (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, recordings, music, text and additional procedures, accompany with supporting materials) used by 3Vjia to provide network services belong to the copyright owner of the software. Without permission of the software copyright owner, users may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, or otherwise discover its original code to the software, and carry out any acts suspected of infringing copyright.o

D. Aihouse platform logo, "3Vjia", "aihouse", "", such as text, graphics and their combination, as well as other marks, symbols, products and service names of aihouse platform are the trademarks of the company in China or other countries. Without written authorization, no one can display, use or other processing in any way, or show others that you have right to display, use or other processing.

E. If you publish any content on the aihouse platform, it means that you agree to grant free, irrevocable, permanent, re-licensed or transferable non-exclusive license to the 3Vjia on a global scale, for any form of content you publish on the site at any time. According to these permissions, 3Vjia has the right to display, promote and use the above contents and works in other ways that are not prohibited by Chinese law; at the same time, 3Vjia has the right to add relevant watermarks or marks of 3Vjia to the content and works. Of course, this does not mean that you give up ownership of content; you simply grant the platform and other user access to use the content.

F. When using the content uploaded by other users, you should note that your authorization to use content uploaded by other users is limited to the use for personal and non-commercial purposes. For example, using models uploaded by other users to model libraries for interior decoration design and generate design schemes. You may not copy, reproduce or otherwise use such user content without the authorization of the 3Vjia and original author. Otherwise, you need to bear the corresponding tort liability.

XI. Dispute Resolution and Law Application

A. The conclusion, validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed only by laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

B. Any dispute concerning this Agreement shall be settled by both parties through friendly negotiations in good faith. If negotiation fails, both parties agree to submit the dispute to Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre for settlement.

This agreement is amended on January 2, 2019

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